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5 Must-Have Items to Bring on Your Next Deer Hunting Trip

5 Must-Have Items to Bring on Your Next Deer Hunting Trip

Every hunter dreams of getting the drop on a crafty mature buck. While scouting out the best downwind location for your ground blind, make sure these essential items are in your pack. What you bring along on your excursion will be vital to your success.

1. Hunting Binoculars
You want to have an optical advantage when searching the woods for whitetails, but quality binoculars do not have to be large.

Hunting binoculars should be lightweight and comfortable to grip–without sacrificing clarity during powerful magnification.

Hunters love binoculars like the Leupold BX-1 Rogue 10x25mm. They will not be bulky in your pack and will let you get as close as you need to the action.


2. First Aid Kit
You want to avoid having to turn around halfway to the blind because you are bleeding from a cut or had a brush with poison ivy.

Bringing along a handy first aid kit with various size bandages, antibiotic ointment, and ibuprofen is a great idea. Don’t forget to throw in some water, a protein bar, urine bottles with leak-proof caps, air-tight bags, and field wipes as well.

If you take precautions to prepare for the worst, you will be in healthy shape to get off the perfect shot.

3. Extra Clothing Layers
When using a tree stand or ground blind to hunt, one thing you cannot control is the weather. Be comfortable with sudden changes in temperature by packing extra base layers that will keep you warm while you are trying to remain still.

Invest in a dark wool balaclava to cover your face and neck. They not only camouflage your face but provide an extra layer of protection against cold winds.

Shooting gloves should fit you like a second skin while keeping your fingers warm and ready.

Whichever base layers you feel comfortable in, make sure you select material that is fast drying. There is nothing worse than being cold and wet while stalking deer. Pack a poncho with a hood to keep your base layers bone dry if there is any chance of rain in the forecast.

No matter how well-dressed you are, an insulated ground blind will be the most comfortable option for hunting late in the season.

4. A Knife Sharpener
If you have ever hunted before, you probably already own a hunting knife. However, don’t down a deer and go to dress it–only to discover that your knife is too dull to do the job. A proper field dress requires a sharp knife.

Always carry a knife sharpener capable of handling at least a 4-inch blade and learn how to use it. Don’t ever let a dull blade slow you down.

5. Proper Footwear
Taking care of your feet begins with wearing the right socks. Select pairs made from merino wool that will give you the most cushion, comfort, and scent protection possible.

Once you have got the socks, cover them with hunting boots that can take a beating in the field.

Hunting boots have to be breathable, cushioned, and quiet.

Waterproof materials like GORE-TEX® shield you against ground moisture from rain or snow.

You want a boot that gives you firm ankle and heel support without sacrificing comfort or adding much weight.

A hunting boot’s outsoles should provide excellent traction while being made of a material that is easy to clean.


Are You Ready to Hunt Deer?
A great hunting experience starts before you step in the field. Purchase anything you do not already have before the season begins.

Go over a checklist of must-have items and test your gear before you pack it up.

With the right equipment, a well-placed blind, and a little luck. You can bring down the big bucks this season.