5 Tips for Storing Your Hunting Rifles During Off-Seasons

Storing your rifles isn’t the most interesting topic, neither is it one that’s going to excite anybody. Putting away your weapons at the end of the season is the most depressing day of any hunters season, and for this reason, most people put little to no effort into it. But failing to prepare for the off-season is going to cost you in both time and money next season. Storing your weapons poorly will warp them, cause rust and [...]

Hunting Strategies You Should Be Incorporating Into Your Routine Now

Hunting is often thought of as a relatively macho activity, but in reality, it’s a strategic battle between predator and prey that needs intense patience and skill. Heading out into the woods armed with a bow or gun is going to be fruitless unless you know what you’re doing, where to hunt and what to look for. The strategy is, in many cases, up to 90% of whether you succeed or not. Taking the shot and killing [...]

Hunting Blind Construction

What Makes the Construction of Hunting Blinds So Vital? When it comes to deer season, the most celebrated hunters start prepping early to ensure success. If you want to be one of the most successful huntsmen this coming season, make sure you give extra thought to the type of blind you will be using. Start with a focus on blind construction, and you will be one step closer to triumph. 1. Frame [...]

Difference Between Permanent and Portable Hunting Blinds

When you choose to set up a blind for your next hunt, it is imperative to know all of your choices, and there are many.  The following list will help you to understand the difference between portable and permanent blinds better.  Hopefully, this will help you to narrow down the essential things you will require for your hunting style. Location and Climate The first thing you will need to consider is where your [...]

What are the Most Common Types of Hunting Blinds?

When it comes to hunting blinds, there are several to options depending on what you are hunting and how quickly you want to get set up.  Hunting blinds provide you with protection from the elements and give an advantage of hunting at ground level while blending in with the environment around you.  Being concealed from your target will help ensure the best chance of landing your target animal. Take into consideration what you will be hunting, where [...]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Hunting Blinds Dry

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife lists 11 different types of hunting blinds and stands. You can choose from elevated, ground, pop-up, tree, high racks, box, pit, temporary, layout, floating, and, of course, simply using available cover. No matter what kind of blind or stand you have, it’s important to care for it. Proper care extends the life of your equipment, but it also helps keep you and your fellow hunters safe. Here are five tips [...]

How are Hunting Blinds Built?

While hunting, sometimes an extra vantage point is needed to get the edge on your target. Deer shelves help provide a lift overhead, but not all hunting spots have the right amount of natural tree cover for deer shelves to be effective. In more open areas, such as ranches, a hunting blind is best for keeping out of sight from your target. There are as many hunting blinds as there are needs and budget, from do-it-yourself numbers [...]

Top 10 Locations for Deer Hunting in the U.S.

The United States is a big place with millions of acres of public land to hunt.  You have probably heard many debates, or even debated yourself, where the best deer hunting can be found.  Through careful research, the following ten locations discussed have proven time and time again to be the best locations for deer hunting. 1.Texas Texas is by far the number one state listed in all research for deer hunting.  There [...]

5 Must-Have Items to Bring on Your Next Deer Hunting Trip

Every hunter dreams of getting the drop on a crafty mature buck. While scouting out the best downwind location for your ground blind, make sure these essential items are in your pack. What you bring along on your excursion will be vital to your success. 1. Hunting Binoculars You want to have an optical advantage when searching the woods for whitetails, but quality binoculars do not have to be large. Hunting binoculars should [...]

Understanding the Legality of Hunting Blinds

Whether you are an avid hunter or a just a beginner, all hunters need to know the ins and outs of hunting laws.  It is important to note that laws vary from state to state and by no means is this list all-inclusive.  The following is a list of a few topics for you to keep in mind when you prepare for your hunting journey.Federal LandAccording to the US Forest Service, when you hunt with a blind on [...]

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After searching for months, I finally decided on 2 6x6 Ambush Stalker blinds which are made right here in the USA. The customer service from Ambush was top notch. Every time I called Ambush, one of the owners answered the phone and spent time talking to me about their blinds. I really preferred the new window design and the black out window covers, which were not on either of my blinds at the time of purchase. Ray at Ambush drove over 3+ hours one way to my property and replaced them for me. Who does that? You wont find better service anywhere!
Randy Gothrup