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Hiding Your Elevated Hunting Blind
Hiding Your Elevated Hunting Blind

During the off season, you’re probably planning your hunting setup, trying out new creative ideas for the perfect blind. Getting your elevated hunting blind to blend in can be a bit challenging depending on where you typically hunt. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways you can disguise your blind for the best possible results and more kills.

Create a screen

One problem we often hear is is that you risk getting “busted” when entering or leaving your tower blind. This is especially true when we look at tower hunting blinds that are on the edge of the field and have a greater chance of being easily spotted by deer.

Well, grab your chainsaw and cut down some brush to use as a wall. This wall acts as a screen so that you’re able to slip in and out with more cover and stealth.

Building a screen takes some strategy though. There a few things to think about.

Create a path by clearing branches to avoid making noise when entering
Make a shooting lane to your path in case deer use it to walk through
Build a canopy from the door of your blind to the field edge (if possible)

This is a relatively cheap and easy solution. Brush probably readily available near your tower blind location. All it takes is a little time and thought put into it.

Cover it up

One of the most effective ways to hide your tower hunting blind is to cover it and make it look natural in its environment.

  • You can cover it with a tree or brush you’ve cut down. Small limbs can be easily tied to your blind with zip ties. The best trees for brush cover with branches are:
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Spruce

Depending on where you live or hunt, you may not have these trees at your disposal. But some cover is better than none.

Or, if you plan on moving your blind around more during hunting season — it may not be a bad idea to invest in ghillie covering. You can often find these “skins” in different colors and styles, making them diverse enough for nearly any condition or location.

Paint it

If your tower blind happens to be in a very wide-open space you may want to paint it. Now, our hunting blinds come in traditional olive green and are best suited for wooded areas or some surrounding shrubbery. But if you happen to be in a more open environment — this can make it stick out like a sore thumb.

We’ve seen some pretty creative solutions to this over the years. One idea is to paint the blind to match the sky.

You can tape the blind in a tree pattern and spray it with bluish-white paint to better match the horizon. If you want to add even more realism, add a grayish primer for a more overcast sky look.

It’s not ideal — but if you’re setting up shop in an open plain this may be your best option.

Final word

Stealth is the name of the game here. Finding a creative way to hide your tower blind doesn’t need to cost you a ton. There are plenty of ways you can hide your blind with the resources you have around you.

The best camouflage is natural. Brush and branches provide great cover for getting in and out of your blind at fields edge. They can also act as a cover depending on how closely you screen your blind.

You can even use brush and branches with a ghillie covering for optimum concealment.