How Long Do Hunting Blinds Last

How Long Do Hunting Blinds Last

As hunting season approaches, you can’t help but be excited. You are preparing and packing your new equipment, but those old hunting blinds are looking a little worse for wear. With all the new products out there, where do you begin? Whether you prefer pop-ups, elevated, or ground blinds, we are here to give you a few ideas on what to choose this season. What will best suit your needs and more importantly, what will last you for the hunting seasons to follow?

Portable and Pop-up Blinds

Portable and pop-up blinds are a favorite for hunters who use public land. Due to this they need to be able to bring their blinds, set them up and then be able to take them down once their time on the land is over. The use of these blinds causes lowered visibility and less protection from the elements and concealment from wildlife.

These blinds are great for typical hunting weather, but for those who own their land, they do need to be taken down after a few months. The cloth and the netting can tear with the wind and rain, while the snow can deteriorate the material altogether.

When making purchases for your blinds, it is important to note the thickness of the material, zippers/clasps, and balance or weight.

A sturdy portable blind can last up to five years before needing to invest in another one, but the time frame can vary a bit. The lifespan of these blinds is many dependent factors: severity of the weather, the condition of the land, and the chance that branches or wildlife can rip into the fabric. Portable and pop-up blinds are a great tool but have more factors that affect them in the long run.

Elevated Box Blinds

Elevated box blinds are for hunters who own their land. These types of blinds need to be put up quite a few months before the season begins as they are often difficult to disguise and wildlife needs to get used to them.

While these elevated blinds are less likely to be destroyed by the weather, they need extra care to make sure the ladders, screws, etc. are in excellent condition and not worn out for your safety. A high-quality box blind can last over 15 years.

Elevated box blinds are a favorite for their extended line of vision. They are, however, difficult to conceal and they require more maintenance for safety. During thunderstorms and freezing temperatures, these are not the ideal blinds for hunters, and you will need to have an alternate ground blind option for inclement weather.

Ground Box Blinds

Ground box blinds are ideal for hunters who own their land and want to leave their blinds up year-round. Blinds such as these require upkeep but being on the ground provides more support and less chance of being spotted by wildlife.

Ground box blinds are made to easily move your gear in and provide the comfort and room needed for two to three hunters. Some of these ground blinds can also be elevated if need be.

Ground blinds do need to be put in before hunting season, similar to their elevated counterparts, but can be shielded a bit more. The camouflage paint that they are typically covered in helps them to blend in better with the trees.

These ground blinds can have dual purposes (elevated and non), providing more bang for your buck. They will need upkeep and repair but can last over 15 years and are easier to repair as they are at ground level. Many of these ground options also allow for multiple lines of view and allow for more movement within. They also provide silent windows and flooring while you perfect your aim.