Hunting Blinds

Ambush Outdoor Products produces top of the line hunting blinds that are made by hunters to ensure that every detail is carefully considered.

Phantom Series

This traditional square box blind design focuses on silence, warmth and scent proofing for the optimum kill. With a complete fiberglass exterior and EPS styrofoam insulation, along with ZERO mechanical fasteners — the Phantom Series ensures incredible sound dampening and superior scent control.

Stalker Series

Our most popular blind model is built for 360° visibility. This is easily our most popular blind and has undergone many revisions per excellent suggestions from customers and fellow hunters. All eight sides of the Stalker Series comes with tinted windows and our unique Duraband Panel System™, completing this strong, quiet and scent controlled blind.

As with all of our blinds, the Stalker Series has a 100% fiberglass exterior and EPS styrofoam insulation to give you complete scent and sound control.

Safe From the Elements

Our tough and rugged exterior fiberglass design combined with a completely insulated interior will keep you safe and warm no matter how much snow, sleet or rain comes pouring down.

Made for Stealth

Every Ambush Products hunting blind is lined with black stealth walls and tinted windows for the ultimate concealment and optimum stealth. EPS insulated interior provides incredible sound dampening and Durabond Panel System™ keeps your scent concealed.