Stalker Series

Stalker Series

MSRP: $3,475

The Stalker is our core blind that started it all. The Stalker has been through many revisions as Ambush Hunting Blinds responds to feedback received from our customers. The octagon shape and unique window configuration provides multiple shot opportunities with either rifle, shotgun, crossbow or bow. The Stalker was the first of our blinds to utilize our unique Durabond Panel SystemTM; the key to providing a strong, quiet, warm, scent contained blind. The black stealth walls and tinted windows ensure optimal concealment. The Stalker is available in a 6’x6’ size equipped with four leg brackets that accept a 4”x4” for added elevation.

  • Windows

    Four 36” X 12” Horizontal
    & Four 12” X 24” Vertical

  • DOOR

    30” Wide, Aluminum Frame, Insulated,
    Automotive Grade Weather Seal


    Durabond Panel System™
    1” in Thick and Fully Insulated

  • ROOF

    Aluminum Framed Durabond Panel System™
    Insulated with Industrial Grade Rubber Covering


    Aluminum Frame Durabond Panel System™
    Fully Insulated and with Anti-Skid Coin Rubber Flooring


    Octagon; Available in 6×6

  • Weight

    510 lbs

  • Dimensions

    72 × 72 × 83 in

  • Stalker

    5×5, 6×6


When we started designing our blinds, we wanted to go with the octagon shape so you could have a 360 degree view without blind spots. This also helped the blind blend in better than square blinds because it removes the vertical lines and 90 degree corners.

While developing the design of this blind, we decided that the most important feature was making the blind quieter, warmer and scent proof. We have designed the floor with a 1 1/2″ thick welded aluminum structure laminated with additional materials and zero mechanical fasteners that ensures no noise will be made while moving around the blind. In the end this gives you a 2 1/4″ thick single piece floor.

The walls begin with welded aluminum studs, framed in windows, fiberglass exterior with EPS styrofoam insulation and wood substrate all laminated to form a single piece wall. This allows for warmer interiors and provides better sound dampening and superior scent control.

The roof is designed using an arch running in each direction to guarantee superior rain and snow run off, this also follows the theme of no vertical lines allowing the blind to blend into nature more effectively.

When insulating our blinds, we choose to use EPS styrofoam insulation. This type of insulation allows for the greatest r-factor to help keep you warm, the acoustical factor will help noise stay within the blind, and also adds strength through the lamination process.

In our top-line products (Assassin, Stalker) we include Ultra Stealth interior, coin rubber flooring and leg brackets at each corner. We consider these items as standard in a ready-to-hunt blind.

Our blinds are virtually maintenance free! They can be easily cleaned thanks to the fiberglass exterior, rubber roof and acrylic windows.

All of our window and door openings use an automotive type weather seal. This seal remains flexible in even the coldest weather, helping our windows to always remain silent when opening or closing. When all the doors and windows are closed and properly latched, the blind is virtually impenetrable by insects and rodents.

With all of the quality features listed above, you can rest assured that our blind will look and perform the same as the day you set it for generations to come.