Skid Ice Houses

If you are looking for a mobile, efficient and cozy skid house — look no further.

The Slayer Ice House is perfect for an ice fisherman on the move. The incredibly lightweight fiberglass design boasts a smooth finish, making it a breeze to move across the ice.

A Woodless Design

The fiberglass design came from years of input from veteran fishers that voiced complaints about unwanted moisture entering their ice house during the winter. All of this destructive moisture took a serious toll on the structural integrity of these ice houses and rendered them pretty much useless after one or two seasons.

Our interior and exterior fiberglass design eliminates structural weaknesses such as:




Not only that, but our seamless design keeps out water. No more water penetration.

The Specs

The Slayer Ice House is plenty tall. The Ice House measures 6.5  feet wide x 10 feet long x 6.9 feet tall. The fiberglass structure keeps the house plenty warm and comfortable.

Interior has a slip-resistant flooring and two easy-to-open vents for reduced condensation and carbon monoxide precaution.

The exterior has a smooth and sleek gel coating that keeps the Ice House shining and clean. There is absolutely no wood, which deters any swelling or delamination.

The Slayer does not require any clearance to move — so there’s no need to crank up or down when relocating. This means you’re able to hit multiple spots in a day with ease.

The aluminum frame is built to last which makes the Slayer a premium investment that will last years and years.

Why Go With The Slayer Skid Ice House?

Ambush Outdoor Products was founded on providing customers with incredible quality and long lasting value. All products, including the Slayer Ice House, are created from years of listening to professional and amateur outdoorsman to achieve the very best product for the customer.

From superior manufacturing techniques to professional grade materials, the Slayer Ice House was created for optimum performance on the ice. Lightweight, extremely mobile and seamless design create the perfect trifecta of performance for the perfect Ice House.