The Slayer Ice House is the ideal shelter for those fishing in frigid temperatures. With a smooth finish, you will find it easy to move across the ice. Additionally, the Slayer has a low clearance, eliminating the need to crank the ice house up and down when relocating. This allows you to fish multiple locations easily in one day. The Ice House measures 6 ½ feet wide by 10 feet long by 83” tall.

The Ice House is also incredibly lightweight, providing fishers the opportunity to get on the lake earlier than ever before. The product does not contain any wood. Instead, it consists of a fiberglass interior and exterior which is easy to clean and reduces the likelihood of swelling, delamination, and rotting. Fiberglass also helps you stay warm.


    No wood rot causing swelling or delamination


    No seam to pull apart over time – or rivets to pop
    No opportunity for water to penetrate
    Clean look


    Fiberglass interior and exterior
    Gel coat exterior
    Clean look
    Easy to clean


    Strong Slip Resistant Floor


    2 Easy To Operate Vents
    Reduces condensation
    Enhanced safety for carbon dioxide

  • Weight

    980 lbs

  • Dimensions

    72 × 72 × 83 in


We heard from many fishers who complained of moisture entering their ice house during the winter, rendering it useless after one or two seasons.

We chose to use fiberglass as opposed to wood so that moisture would not cause rotting or swelling. Additionally, we implemented a seamless design to eliminate the possibility of water penetration.

When on the ice, it’s critical that you have a product that keeps you warm. This is not only a matter of comfort but a matter of safety as well.

The insulation, covered by fiberglass, in our unit keeps you warm. There are also two vents that are easy to operate, providing enhanced carbon dioxide safety. On the exterior, the skis on the product block the wind in two directions.

The product also features a strong, slip-resistant floor that allows you to walk around and reel in your catch freely. Additionally, the Slayer does not require any clearance to move. Not only is this convenient, as there is no need to crank the unit up and down, but it’s also useful.

Anglers can pull their unit faster than ever before.  

Anglers can pull their unit faster than ever before.  

We designed the unit with an aluminum frame that is built to last. We also did not use any wood or seams, which cuts down on the risk of moisture penetration considerably. Customers will find that there are no seams or rivets that can come apart. The Slayer Ice House is a practical investment that should last for years.