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Top 10 Locations for Deer Hunting in the U.S.

Top 10 Locations for Deer Hunting in the U.S.

The United States is a big place with millions of acres of public land to hunt. You have probably heard many debates, or even debated yourself, where the best deer hunting can be found. Through careful research, the following ten locations discussed have proven time and time again to be the best locations for deer hunting.

1. Texas
Texas is by far the number one state listed in all research for deer hunting. There are so many types of terrains and ecosystems in Texas, finding a suitable place to hunt is an easy feat. Texas features over one million acres of public land available to hunt. From the outskirts of Dallas to the hill country outside of the capital city of Austin the land is immense and plentiful for a deer hunt.

2. Mississippi
Mississippi’s 1.7 million deer population gives you a good chance at bagging a deer. They have a deer program whose mission is to maintain a healthy deer population for “maximum outdoor recreational opportunity.” Mississippi State University works with Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks to provide harvest recommendations to maintain this healthy balance.

3. Iowa
Hunting in Iowa has not always been a favorite. You might have even come across negative reviews regarding hunting in this state in the past. Through years of cooperative landowners, law enforcement, research, and progressive management the population of deer has made a complete comeback. You can consider Iowa a hidden hunting secret.

4. Kansas
Kansas is another state that has implemented a selective management program and their deer population has increased significantly over the last twenty years. This makes for a huge opportunity for you to have a successful hunt. Just make sure you do a little research before you go because different types of deer live in different parts of the state.

5. Missouri
Missouri Department of Conservation provides a very comprehensive and user-friendly website that will allow you to plan your hunt. It contains every topic from permits and harvest reports to the best places to hunt and even recipes. You can definitely find everything at your fingertips including a link to “telecheck” your harvested game. This is a technologically advanced state in both online presence as well as game management.

6. Illinois
Illinois is known for producing trophy white tail deer. Illinois Department of Public Resources provides a unique opportunity for a public land hunt because the state leases, owns, or manages numerous sites throughout the state for hunters to harvest game. If you can find a good place to hunt, your odds are better to bag a big one in this state.

7. Kentucky
You can go to Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website to conveniently buy your hunting license. Kentucky is a great state to hunt because the state developed an app for your phone that allows you to use GPS to determine exactly where you are in relation to hunting boundaries. This eliminates the stress of the possibility of accidentally trespassing on private property.

8. Indiana
Indiana features a deer reduction zone season with a large bag limit. This allows you to hunt in urban areas and claim up to 10 deer in addition to any statewide bag limits. You will have plenty of opportunity to score many deer on in one hunting season. This is a good deal for the hunter that is going for good meat that will last the entire year.

9. Georgia
Georgia has some pretty strict restrictions on where you can legally hunt. Some places are considered off limits and some places you can only take antlered bucks. However, there are other places where you can hunt over bait. This is not a usual practice but wildlife biologists have determined that because this practice is limited to a certain area, it has not had any negative outcomes on the population size.

10. Colorado
Colorado boast 23 million acres of public lands that consist of pines and meadows that contain your best chance as a hunter to bag an elk. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that there are 10 big game animals in the state that you can hunt. If you are going for a big animal kill, this is your state.